The Rules of Drinking Water Hoses

Talking about drinking water hoses is similar to discussing garden hoses. Both are same, but the function is different. Although the component of the material is quite same, both are not in the same rules. The most important rule for drinking object is its safety. The water will enter your body transfer by the hoses. Therefore, water produces by the hoses must be clean and free from any chemicals and defects. The harmful components must out of the water and under the Federal Safe Drinking Water. The thickness of hoses must not be less than common hoses. Having the long used hoses should be BPA Free and UV stabilized. Plastic as the common main drinking hoses component must be under the NSF certified and leave no taste.


UV Stabilized in Drinking Water Hoses

Put the hoses everywhere in your house will not become a big problem anymore as long as there is UV stabilized in it. Say goodbye to the UV radiation and premature warping. No more breakdown and the most important advantage is it is fully safe. However, drinking water hoses is not suitable for hot water because it is not a reinforce and premium hoses.

Although its name is water drinking, people also use it to deliver another fluid than the tap and fresh water. UV stabilized makes milk, beer, and melt cream pass the hose easily. However, they should be fit to the hoses diameter and the length of the hoses decide the speed of the fluid to enter the glass.Visit Website

The Brand of Drinking Water Hoses

Every brand takes different material. Each material may suit certain kind of fluid only. Checking the viscosity of the fluid before making any decision because the more viscous it is, the more difficult it passes the hoses. The hoses with high viscosity of fluids should be clean in certain ways like using 2% Nitric Acid. The different material of hoses takes a different way of cleaning and treatment. Our company has several brands to discuss. They come with a high-quality sign and well warranty offer.


One of our popular drinking water lay flat hoses is Wellman. It is made from the best quality tear and wears properties. TPU with circular woven filament polyester yarn complete its component of manufacturing. It passes the standardization which proven some certifications. The certifications including WRAS approved to BS 6920UK, KTW-DVGW approval, Germany, W270 approval, Germany, and NSF 61 listing, USA. We know the pump supplier to help you get more information and the step to install it in the borehole.

Wellman as your drinking water hoses is easy to handle and to install. The less friction makes it has very good hydraulic characteristics. Worrying for trouble and risk of the cable and pump will never happen. Easy maintenance and no corrosion are too good to miss. Another favorite feature from Wellman is related to its 2% maximum tension with 15% stretching diameter allowed. That makes the hoses strong enough to face  Hydrolysis, fungus, ozone, and UV radiation. The normal size and length of it are 200 m but if you need the shorter or longer one, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The main good side of Aquaman is it is high resistance to UV radiation and degradation. The chemicals will not be in the hoses. You will get safety warranty so that it could be concluded that Aquaman passed the good drinking hoses certification. There is no more side effects and risks after the long use, but the most awesome feature is when it becomes the cost-effective hoses in any cases. Coming from a good manufacture process and material, for example, is extruded thermoplastic polyether. It blends with the great tear and wears properties. Your daily life keeps healthy and Aquaman is never be doubted.

Even if it is a garden hose, it has to be free odor. The rubber hoses are not recommended to be the drinking hoses except if it is BPA free. Having the maximum kink resistance will be easier by portable hoses. No Toxic, No E. Coli, and no chemicals are three basics of safety drinking hoses.

Something made from vehicle tires like soak is not allowed to be drinking hoses. Before you take any decision, it is better to get more information about it. The common use material is plastic. Take an information about the safety plastic to be used as drinking hoses. Checking the characteristic of each brand online is welcome. Our company ensures you to get the most safety hoses which already meets the drinking hoses standard. You may not doubt our collection. The premium hoses with premium quality are here with the best deal. It is qualified certainly!

Choose the hoses with 6 mm to 10 mm in diameter. It is a standard, but the wider one could have the trouble with its air pressure and user. You need to find the style to hold it. It is not for the slurry. It is only to drink in normal volume of drinking. Our company has many collections for you with various best brands. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask for our customer service. We are happy to get your first comment about our great hoses.

Tips, before you place the order, is checking the feature and specification. Make sure it is appropriate to your desire and have a warranty. The good hoses will give you at least two years of warranty. Our company offers you gently because we sure our hoses passed the test of pressure and stretching. The customer satisfaction is our priority. Therefore, anytime you get something bad with the hoses, not because of the wrong usage, you may bring it to us and we replace it with the new one. Also when you would like to compare our price, there must be full of surprise because we have the lower price. Are you ready with hoses exploration? Start to drink the healthy water comes from the safety drinking hoses.

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